Psalm 89: 11

The heavens are Thine, the earth also is Thine:
as for the world and the fullness thereof, Thou
hast founded them.

Young David hurriedly took,
Five smooth stones,
From the babbling brook,
As his human instincts he heeded.

But, when he saw Goliath fall,
He realized the other four stones,
Weren’t needed at all,
For just one God-placed stone,
Was all that was needed!

There was more than enough!

For the prophet Elijah’s sake,
The poor widow made a little cake,
Though she knew afterward,
The meal barrel would be bare.

Ah but, from that very day,
Until the rain began to fall,
Her supplies weren’t lacking at all,
For the Great God of Heaven,
Placed them there!

He supplied more than enough!

Jesus was crucified on Calvary’s tree,
For the likes of you and me.
The cost was great our ransom to buy.

But, when our redemption was done,
Heaven heard a shout from God’s own Son.
“It is finished,” was His triumphant cry!

God’s Grace was more than enough!

Robert F. Dotson © 2008



Top image was an email share

Music: "Alleluiah"

Sequenced By: Bob Barnes
Used With Permission

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