A storm was brewing over the mountains
the darkened clouds were drifting near
Brilliant lighting was flashing
all around and across the darkening sky

The thundering hoofs of the great horse
and the rider in black one could hear
With arched neck and flying mane,
the great stallion had blood in his eye

This rider with flaming eyes thundering across
the sky on this storming night
His long flaming red hair showing beneath
the wide brimmed hat so black

The deathly white skin showing from
his face and neck was a frightening sight
This is the rider in the legend that was
murdered near his mountain shack

This reckless young man of old was known
and liked by just about everyone
His love for a young maiden who lived in
the valley some distance away

This lady so beautiful, his thoughts
running wild of this maiden he had won
Riding to his mountain cabin on this very dark;
stormy and windy day

A sudden shot rang out and the
horse and rider started to fall off a cliff so tall
The horse and rider were never found
the raging river below made it so

The beautiful maiden thought on that night
she heard her lover's dying call
She felt a feeling of dread and loneliness that
no one would ever know

The love that she shared with this reckless,
dashing and handsome young man
To live without her man was
a life that she could not live, not at all

The maiden too died in her heart that very
night and never to love another man
On stormy nights she would sit;
waiting for her man in black to call

ęDale L. Neill
July 8, 2004



Music: "Right Here Waiting For You"
Welcome to Tom's Midi Files
Tom Beaudreau
Used With Permission


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