Some of our American families are
Sacrificing more than their share
They have given their Sons and
Daughters to fight a war that isnít fair
The terrorists are using women and
Children as shields, they donít care

This war is a just war after nine one one
And to win this war is a must
It seems like on the battle field only
Your comrades in arms you trust
Every time I see a picture of them fighting,
They are my pride and trust

They are the very best that America has to offer,
The very best indeed
They may even have to sacrifice their lives
For our Americaís great need
These wonderful, brave and
Patriotic Americans are my pride indeed

To the Families of those Sons and Daughters
Your sacrifice is truly great
My heart felt thanks goes out to you for
Your contribution to our State
Take pride in that contribution, for
That sacrifice will make our Nation great

To those who might lose their Sons or Daughters
In that awful war over there
Youíre sacrifice is great,
No greater love then this can be found anywhere
But that sacrifice was not in vain because
They will be in GOD'S loving care

©Dale L. Neill
March 30, 2003





Photo came from The Geek Philosopher

Music: "The Star Spangled Banner"

Sequenced By: Gary Rogers
Used With Permission

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