Times are getting tough
And I seem so small
Wondering what steps to take
A difference to make
For I am only one
Overwhelmed by it all.

It takes only one voice
Sounding the alarm
When danger is near
Alerting others of wrong to hear
And make a better choice.

Only one hand to lift me up
When I am down is all it may take
To lighten my burdened heart
Giving me hope to make a new start.

If I have only one dream
For which I strive
Pressing on when the going gets rough
Lets me realize
One dream is enough.

Should opportunity knock at my door
No need to look for more
But take it within my grasp
Making that one opportunity last.

Each has one life to live
With power of God will give
To find His perfect way
Each and every day.

God's only Son
Died on the cross
To save the lost
Giving eternal life
Through the sacrifice
And power of one Man.

The power of One,
God the Father and His Son
And the Holy Spirit,
Will take me
To heaven when my life is through.

©Jane Ward Smith
October 1, 2008

Music: "Heart to Heart"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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