Do you remember the old country store,
Where everyone liked to go,
Some just sat around on wooden stools,
While others had stories that they told.

I'll bet you remember the pickle barrel days,
When a big dill pickle was a treat?
Well now things have changed a bit,
A treat today is always sweet.

Our kids want sweetened cereal,
And marsh mellows for a roast.
And birthday parties can't be done,
Without a Piñata of candy for the kids to burst.

Some say, only to be a kid again!
But once around was enough for me.
I liked the good old days okay,
But I've had all I want to see.

I like being where I am I think,
Except for the aging thing.
Guess I'll have to deal with that though,
For all the good it brings.

We are a once around creation,
In this world we see each day,
So chalk up each lesson that we learn,
As we tread along life's way.

It's been a pretty long lesson for me,
And most will say the same.
But life is just a treasure of memories,
Not just a game we play.

Our past we leave behind us,
Should be a legacy of respect,
That our children and grandchildren,
Would cherish, and never would reject.

Faye Reyenga © 9 / 09 / 2008