We do not realize the "Love" that Mothers show,
For her children with gentle hands and "Loving" words.
Teaching them of God's Love for all.

Guiding them to learn and grow.
In this Beautiful world that "God Created"
For our joy and happiness while on Earth.

We did not realize until we were grown,
And had children of our own.
How much time a Mother spends taking care of her children.

That "God" gave Mothers a "Love" like His for her children.
It's the same "Love" that "God " has for His children.
It goes on and on and lasts for a life time!

She was there when we were sick,
Taking care of our needs,
Loving us even when we were bad.

We did not realize the hopes and dreams she had.
The praises she gave even when we didn't deserve them.
We did not realize how much our Mothers really "LOVED" us.

Until we know longer had a Mother to "LOVE" us.
If your Mothers are still living, give her the love she deserves.
Love her with a heart that loves the Lord!!

One day the Lord will call her to her "Heavenly" Home.
So "Love" the "Lord" with all your heart and soul .
For one day you will meet her again in Heaven above.

What a great Day that will be, Home at last!
To live for eternity with our "Heavenly Father"
And Loved ones that has gone on before.

To that "Beautiful Mansion" in the sky.
Where we will live for ever more!

ŠJudy Knight
July 28, 2008