Living on a farm can be much fun,
Especially if you live where I do.
Among the rivers, and the streams
There's always a lovely view.

Your heart is where your home is,
And mine's in Arkansas.
For many years of making friends,
And loving the people I now know.

Many stories are told on Arkansas,
Such stories some do give,
As though we're totally different,
Than the way we actually live.

Most don't go barefoot.
Unless you're on the beach,
Or in the privacy of your home,
Just resting your tired feet.

There are two things that were invented,
And never should have been,
That's panty hose and high heel shoes.
Haven't worn them since,
Can't remember when.

We don't walk with one leg shorter,
From walking on side of hills,
We 're really just quiet normal,
Just using our country skills

There's a garden to be planted,
And then we count on rain,
For water for the stock,
And to water all the grain.

Each member of the family,
Has chores assigned to do,
The cow to milk, stock to feed,
And still there's time for you.

Each shares responsibility,
For seeing the farming done,
In time to laugh and share at dinner,
Their love for everyone.

Faye Reyenga 8 / 1 / 2008

Music: "Sunshine on my Shoulders"

Used With Permission

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