When Jesus came down from the mountain,
The people were filled with awe,
The Glory shone upon Jesus' Face,
In wonder, they bowed and saw.

One man came and knelt begging mercy,
For his son he would implore,
He was vexed by an evil spirit,
That tore him sorely much more.

He had spoke to Jesus' Disciples,
But they could not his son cure,
If Jesus could do anything have,
Mercy helping him for sure.

Jesus cried out, "O Ye faithless ones,
How long must I be with you?
Bring him to me," and the boy was healed,
Instantly and all knew too.

Jesus lifted up the little boy,
Holding him close His adored,
All who saw it wondered at the Great,
Mighty Power of the Lord.

"Ye must have a faith just a small faith,
Like that of a mustard seed,
And by prayer and fasting that one,
Mountain moves when you've believed."

Wherever Jesus went the children,
Gathered around Him for His,
Gentle side came out especially,
Showing how much His Love gives.

The Mothers invariably sat their,
Children on Him to be blessed,
And they came by the dozens to be,
Held by Him, like all the rest.

In the midst of blessing Jesus said,
"Let the children come to Me,
If you want to know of God's Kingdom,
Let them come to Me freely."

Jesus' disciples were disputing,
Who of them were the greatest,
In their Lord's Kingdom and Jesus said,
"Who's lowliest and the least."

And Jesus took a little child in,
His Arms and held him up close,
Saying you must become like this child,
Humbly loving others most.

The Child in Jesus' Arms are many,
For "Whoever receives one,
Little child for My Sake receives Me,
God's Only Begotten Son."

Sondra McPherson
07 September 2008

Music: "My Jesus I Love You"

Sequenced By: Bruce Milleman
Used With Permission

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