Wonderful sweet tender love is rich,
Winged with fervor it is flown,
Seeking fullest bloom soaring to be,
Met fervently as your own.

Love's sweetheart lacy ribbons linger,
Underneath a rose petal,
In romantic sentiments of two,
Hearts yet willing to settle.

Sweet fragrances whispering love is,
But the beauty of a rose,
Shared in longings that overpower,
Another as it bestows.

Loveliness blossoms in a rose to,
One day ever be Divine,
Revealing heavenly happiness,
For always as yours and mine.

Yes love's such a beautiful feeling,
Always to express and yearn,
With a heart's one expectation that,
Promise of love in return.

I believe the beauty of a rose,
That will ever more unfold,
I'll be loving you always as days,
To be ours we'll behold.

For you see love is so like the rose,
To bud from the Lord Above,
Flowering into a new blossom,
Uncovering that sweet love.

And when true in both hearts it carries,
That message of happiness,
Revealing that unconscious beauty,
Love at first sight's own sweetness.

The full flowering of one blossom,
Will always say I love you,
Conveying that emotion from the,
Rose of beauty ever true.

When a single rose charms and completes,
Two hearts that greet each other,
Love unfolds within a lover's kiss,
Thus flowering together.

Yes wonderful sweet tender love is,
Fragile yet unfolds growing,
Flourishing to full bloom receiving,
God's love gift that's bestowing.

Sondra McPherson
30 October 2008













Top Image A Tutorial From

Music: "The Rose"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin Dream's Midis
"Dolphin Dream's Midi Ocean"
Used With Permission

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