Thanksgiving day is here again,
And this is the time of year when
We show God how thankful we are
For His goodness to us, whether near or far.

We are blessed with so many wonderful things.
For the happiness and friendship each day brings.
For the love around us in our homes.
For the rest and peace we have as evening comes.

All the gifts of Summer and Winter we share.
Hoping to bring more joy to others everywhere.
Praying to joyfully sing our songs
That make each day a little less long.

For the food we eat on this special day
We must thank the Lord in every way.
For He alone provides it all
When we gather the harvest in the Fall.

And, so again, Thanksgiving is here.
Let us share it with loved ones dear.
And if it should be our Father's will,
Next year may we be together still.

Jane Ellen Slone
Revised 11-14-08