I am thankful for blessings of life
God given with a plan for me
From the moment of conception and birth
To the end of my days on Earth
And afterwards in Heaven for eternity.

Favored by God that I should be
Is no small favor but huge to me
To give or with-hold was not by demand.
My very existence was in His hand
Freely given when the time was right
According to His plan.

That I was made in God's image I take not lightly.
A spirit dwells within
Drawing me to my Creator
With a longing to honor Him
In all I say and do
And eventually life forever
In the home He has prepared for me.

Many favors God bestows on me...
Beautiful sunset and sunrise
And sight to see with my own eyes.
Shelter from frigid cold and fiery heat
And provisions my needs to meet
As well as good health at the beginning and even when old
All are blessings I have gladly extolled.

God sent His Word as a guide for my life.
Precious are the words I read
Helping with my every need
And telling me how to keep in touch
With my God I love so much.
Even telling me how to pray
And commune with God each and every day.
But the greatest favor was sending His Son
To die for my sins...precious gift of life...
When my life on Earth is done.

I thank God for small favors he sends,
Many of which I am not aware
But this I know His love is always there
Making known to me
That He will always care
And walk beside me where ever He leads
As my soul He feeds.

With joy in my heart for each favor He gives
I praise Him now and forever more
Until at last I arrive on Heaven's shore
To fall at the Throne of God
Praising Him for eternity
For Salvation extended to me.

ŠJane Ward Smith
November 6, 2008





Music: "Give Thanks"

"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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