I want to take a drive
Turn the radio on
Set out on the highway
Color me gone.

Put the top down
Feel the wind in my hair
Go to different Cities
So I can say I've been there.

Travel through the countryside
See the fields of grain
Feel the sun upon my skin
Stop when it starts to rain.

Meeting lots of people
"Hi! How are you?
Sorry I can't stay
I'm just passing through."

Drive alongside the ocean
Watch the sea gulls dip and soar
Smell the salt in the air
But still hunger for more.

Cruising through the mountains
Curves and bends along the way
Enjoying the beautiful scenery
Man, what a glorious day!

Marvel at God's handiwork
Amazed at what I see
Stopping to take it all in
Feeling wonderful and carefree.

Heading out to California
To see the giant redwoods
Then on down the coast
Got to see Hollywood.

Time to start heading back
I dread the long drive
But happy that I did it
I feel so alive.

There's no place like home
This I have found
This quaint little City
I call my hometown.

©Written by: Chee Chee Martin
All Rights Reserved






Music: "The Summer We Fell In Love"

Composed By: Matthew J. Drollinger
© Matthew J. Drollinger
Used With Permission

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