Itís another season ĒSpring is in the airĒ
The cold icy days of Winter have finally past,
The sun seems nearer, brighter and warmer
Itís a time for new beginnings. Itís Spring at last.

Crocuses, tulips, and daffodils are round about
Bouncing and waving being moved by the air,
Snow piles are melting and disappearing
The warmth of Spring is being felt everywhere.

Itís time for plowing and planting of seeds
In anticipation of the flowers that will bloom,
Soon seed will explode and break though the earth
Rains will refresh the crops as the dark clouds loom.

Spring is filled with starting over
A chance to put into practice what we have learned,
Itís time to do some things the same, and try new things too.
A chance to build new bridges to replace those we have burned.

Spring is a time for hope and renewal
As we remember yesterday, live today and plan for tomorrow.
Fill our lives with happy things and people
Itís a time to let go of yesterdayís sadness and sorrow.

Itís time to wake up and begin to live
And let the bells of joy ring.
Look for tomorrow with a smile and hope
After all, itís the beginning of Spring.

Shirley Oremland Smith©