We are Roses among the thorns.
But like other things in life,
We may not bloom because of the thorns,
Like the beautiful bud,

That would soon bloom.
Had it not been neglected,
From light and water so,
It dried up and died.

As with many people,
We never realize the potential,
For within every soul,
There is a lovely Rose.

We don't always see the Rose,
Within ourselves, but God wants us,
To show someone the Rose,
Instead of seeing the thorns in others.

The greatest gift anyone could have,
Is to reach past the thorns and,
Find a Rose within the heart of others,
This is love from God above.

When you can show the Rose to others,
You are past the thorns,
Then and only then you will bloom,
And feel God's love for others.

We are just Roses among the thorns,
Here on Earth but one day we will,
Bloom into a beautiful Rose,
In God's Garden for eternity.

Judy Knight
October 28, 2008





Music: "In The Garden"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
Used With Permission

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