Oh Little Smarty Britches,
There you go again,
Dressed in your Western duds,
And sport'n a big grin.

Hands planted firmly on your hips,
Feet solidly placed in determination,
That look upon your pretty face,
Sure is filled with lots of anticipation.

You know that new little foal is,
Just too small for even you to ride,
I can clearly read your thoughts,
Smarty Britches don't you try them to hide.

Dreaming up ideas is lots of fun,
Makes the time seem to up and fly,
But you can't do what you're thinking,
Now Smarty Britches you know why.

Get out of that mind set,
Change your stance it ain't gonna be,
Smarty Britches listen,
You come on in the house with me.

Sweet child please don't you cry,
That foal will be sure to grow,
You'll be able to ride,
And a black pony you'll show.

Hang your hat upon the rack,
Take your boots from your feet,
A friend is waiting for you to play,
Playing with you is such a treat.

Let Smarty Britches rest for a while,
She will anxiously wait your return,
It will be time to feed your new foal,
All that kicking calories does burn.

Lord give me patience I pray,
Help me to do what is best,
I love Little Smarty Britches,
Help me Lord to pass the test.

I know one day she will grow up,
I will miss the antics of this child,
We ask You Lord to keep us safe,
And face the future with a smile.

Gayle Davis©
01 January 2009


Photo of the barn is © John/Heavens Gates

Music: "Ballad Of Thunder Road"

Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
Used With Permission

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