Little children, Jesus loves you
Precious is the color of your skin
'Twas God of Heaven that formed you
And surely loved you then.

God made children in His likeness
There, He put in each a heart of gold
And gave to them all the same color
Of a spirit and a soul.

To Jesus, all are equal
In love, esteem and such...
Tho' each of their gifts are different
He loves them all so much.

L-O-V-E always spells love
How ever we measure the cup
Joy and happiness all the same
When Jesus' spirit fills them up.

God gives each, a sparkle in their eye
And a cute grin upon their chin
Lets them add a little giggle
Or a merry chuckle now and then.

Smiles and laughter have no color
Except the color of the Son
These are the gifts from Jesus
That shine to each and every one.

Kind of like when God made the world
And filled it with His love
When He filled it with little children
With lovely colors from above.

God made the beautiful rainbow
A promise lovely and divine
Made it of many colors
Choosing His own special design.

Children are as God's rainbow
Made within His chosen light
The creation of little children
All are precious in His sight.

All are "Stars" in Jesus' eyes
Bundles of joy wrapping our hearts so
Little lives shining with blessings
Spreading cheer wherever they go.

©Danna Marie Robinette
All Rights Reserved


Music: "Fill The World With Love"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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