In the fallow ground of tender hearts
Cold and hollow
Having needs deep within
From a long time lying fallow
Won't you plant...

Seeds of hope
That lift others up
So they are able to cope
Without giving up.

Seeds of cheer
To brighten another's day
That before was dull and grey
Bringing a bit of happiness
Because you care.

Seeds of inspiration
To make another look deep
As they take time to seek
That which will make the difference
In their life hereafter.

Seeds of friendship
Letting others know
You care and take time to share
Love from a distance or near
Making no difference where.

Seeds of forgiveness
For errors of your way
For thoughtless words you say
Giving a piece of your loving heart
Vowing never from them to part.

Seeds of love
Ever flowing from a beautiful heart
Big enough to share
With each and every one
All the wonderful ways you care.

©Jane Ward Smith
August 7, 2008




Midi playing "When Morning Comes"
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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