Image By Dark Blue Knight

I don't want to be a mystery to you
But an image you can't get out of your mind
A shining light in your darkest night
The love you can't seem to find.

I want to be the essence in your life
One you will hold close to your heart
Always knowing and loving me
So we're never far apart.

I want to be the laughter in your voice
The giggle you let escape from time to time
The smile creeping across your face
Your grin which is so divine.

I want to be the joy in all your days
The reason you rise and shine
Just look around, you will see
I'm easy for you to find.

I am the reason you're alive
The reason your heart beats
Always know I am here for you
I'll make your life complete.

For I am the one who created you
In your life I want to be
Open your arms and let me in
You belong to me!

©Chee Chee Martin