Sometimes we wonder why
Things somehow never change,
A problem overwhelms us
Like a drama on a stage.

Our minds become entrapped
In so much we cannot do,
Our spirit torn asunder
In the ache for much to move.

We cry so many tears
And plead unto the Lord,
To take the pain away
And release us from the hurt.

But Oftimes there is a secret
A way to us unknown,
That will only turn serene
By a miracle alone.

There are gifts our Father has
Of peace within His hands,
Which He longs to set free
When this we understand.

That in the willingness to trust
Letting go of all we tightly hold,
The rest of heart releases
We long for from our God.

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008
Poetry from the Heart

John Piper
God will not turn away from doing you good.
He will keep on doing good.
He doesn't do good to His children sometimes
And bad to them other times.
He keeps on doing good and
He never will stop doing good.
When things are going bad that does not mean
God has stopped doing good.
It means He is shifting things around to get
Them in place for more good,
If you will go on loving Him.

Music: "Dreamy Stare"

Composed and Performed By:
Rodney A. Brubaker
Copyright 2005
Used With Permission

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