I miss you with each beat of my heart,
When you are not close to me,
I feel empty and alone without you,
Your nearness is joyful glee.

Eyes that are saddened when you go,
Light up bright as the shining sun,
Just the sight of your presence thrills me.
A loving stillness has thus begun.

Commitments made years ago,
Hold as true today as then,
I am yours and you are mine,
Two hearts in love's cast blend.

I thank the Lord for you my dear,
Always supportive by my side,
The years have changed our love,
Growing e'er deeper in love's tide.

We've reared a family over the years,
Filled a home and watched it empty o'er time,
Forever together trusting our Lord,
You and I, my sweet darling Valentine.

Gayle Davis
04 February 2009















Music: "Everything I Do"

Midis From Dolphin's Dream"
Used With Permission

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