Momma built me a castle
One not made with hands
In my young growing years, life was tough
Mamma instilled strength to stand.

Money was scarce for Momma and me
Bills were sure to come due
Each month debts were duteously paid
Although paydays were few.

A ride in a car was seldom
No vehicle owned at our home
We traveled to Church on footstep
Memories of days past and gone.

There, our Winters were gelid cold
Lots of firewood to chop
To be carried in for fueling fires
For cooking on the ole stove top.

Water was drawn with chain and bucket
From within the deep hand dug well
Our life wasn't always toil free
In the home where we once dwelled.

Memories of washday still linger
Of the old wringer machine
How tired we would become
To get the clothes sparkling clean.

Hanging clothes on a line
Again, was a great big chore
For our hands quickly chilled
As the freezing wind blew more.

Snowy, Winter wind whistled
Through cracks of the window sill
Near the place where the old iron bed stood
Mamma's handmade quilts kept away the chill.

If only Spring would quickly appear
What a lovely asset I thought it would be
Then life would become more simple
For Momma and me.

Winter's fade, sparked the dawn of Spring
Then came days of planting the fields
We truly needed the abundant food
The fertile gardens would yield.

Soon came the toilsome Summer
Canning and storing crops galore
Filling the huge potato bins
Till they could hold no more.

It was just Mamma and me
That lived in that old home
Tho' Grandpa helped all that he could
Since, Dad was eternally gone.

Yes, Mamma built me a castle
One that she wasn't aware
For she instilled in me strength
And gave me a home filled with care
A mansion filled with flowers...

©Danna Marie Robinette
All Rights Reserved




Music: "Come By The Hills"
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook (Scottish Tunes)
"Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Copyright By Barry Taylor
Used With Permission

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