My friends, I think about you as
I sit here in my home
I wonder, do you think of me
When you are all alone

Do you recall the fun we had,
When we were oh so young
Running through the summer fields,
Catching snowflakes on our tongues

Finding four leaf clovers in the grass so green
Some of them the biggest we had ever seen.
Roller skating all through town,
Happy as could be
Having parties in the playhouse
Underneath the old oak tree

Catching fireflies in the evening,
Running through the grass
Never dreaming that these
Carefree days so soon would quickly pass.

Some of you are gone now,
Others scattered far and wide
But it's sure great to remember
How we all stood side by side

Not thinking of our future,
Just having so much fun
Not thinking of the heartaches or
Battles to be won

I never will forget you,
I miss our childish ways
These memories I will treasure
For the rest of all my days.
God bless you my long ago friends

Judy Marriott 2007


Music: "Old Friends"

Sequenced By Gloria Canfiield
Used With Permission

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