In and out, in and out,
Like the wind's passage,
Through an open window,
Brushing the drape's edge.

Olden memories come fleetingly,
Bringing back thoughts of yesteryear,
A child racing along a dirt path,
Barefoot, hair flying, loved and dear.

A fancy dress with ruffles and lace,
A cherished gift of shoes shiny and new,
Little angelic child so excited,
Socks lace edged with ribbon bows of deep blue.

The moment returns as clear as the day,
Bringing an excitement ever so real,
A smile slowly creeps across my aging face,
Capturing happiness through thoughts surreal.

The family home place comes to my mind,
I shed a tear for what once had been,
Only a shell of a loving home,
Abandoned now much to my chagrin.

Daddy's old truck sits rusting away,
The family car parked long ago,
Like the people that lived in the house,
Years have stripped the youthful glow.

Remembering Mother and Daddy,
Many kids to clothe and feed,
Daddy had mules to work the fields,
He plowed, hoed and planted seed.

Mother would stay up late at night,
Sewing our clothes with a treadle machine,
Cooking, canning and drawing water,
Washing by hand to her was just routine.

Oh yes life was rough and tough back then,
Yet I would like to return for a season,
Neighbor helped neighbor no strings attached,
Sincere caring hearts needed no reason.

Prayer was not a thing to shun,
Seems like everyone embraced,
The helping hand from the Lord,
Daily in our lives was enlaced.

As the window closes to the wind,
My mind shuts out thoughts of the past,
Though happy for the remembering,
Living a memory cannot last.

Earlier years remembered,
Memories not forgotten,
They are the basis for today,
Memories thus enlighten.

Gayle Davis©
16 February 2009




Top image © John/Heavens Gates

Music: "It's Good To Be Back Home Again"

Sequenced By Grandpa Schober
Used With Permission

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