Memories from long ago,
Linger inside my heart,
Bringing happy thoughts of,
A time of youthful start.

A home filled with laughter,
Children racing all around,
Love saturated every nook,
Sweet happiness did abound.

I still see the oak tree out back,
With a sand bag for a swing,
Secured to a hardy limb,
With a rope and broken chain.

It's my turn would ring out,
As children quickly scrambled,
To find a coveted place in line,
Whilst their excitement mounted.

Jumping board was a favorite,
Marbles and spinning tops,
Skipping rope and playing tag,
Riding the whirligig nonstop.

The house now is in disarray,
Windows gone and doors torn down,
Pieces of the roof missing,
Others flopping all around.

The chimney is still standing,
It's fires warmed many a soul,
The love that this place housed,
Made our family strong and whole.

To look upon the old house,
Falling down from lack of care,
Bring tears as I go back in time,
To a home we once did share.

Lingering memories haunt my thoughts,
Delightful and filled with glee,
Almost mocking the present time by,
Mirroring a happier me.

Can the spirit of this house,
Look inside my aching heart,
Is it possible it knows,
My life has fallen apart?

I came searching for the happiness,
Once a common part of life,
Taken for granted by me in my youth,
Replaced by painful strife.

I look upon the outside of this house,
Then gaze deep inside my inner soul,
I find many similarities exist,
Age not the least as it took its toll.

Roof torn and windows missing,
A shell of what I knew as home,
I stand in the overgrown yard,
Just as empty and alone.

ęGayle Davis
25 September 2008




Music: "When I Grow Too Old To Dream"

Grandpa Schober's MIDI Files
Used With Permission

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