Hello there everybody,
You see this Engineer,
Listen up real good now,
Some music you gonna hear.

I play the harmonica,
Sounds rather good I'd say,
You're welcome to gather 'round,
And listen while I play.

I can make a train whistle,
Or a train clicking upon the tracks,
And I can make a realistic sound of,
An engine with smoke comin' out its stacks.

You want to hear me play,
Dancing music real slow,
So you can hold your girl,
And make her heart all aglow.

The Orange Blossom Special or,
Under The Double Eagle,
I know many tunes and how to play,
They all sound downright regal.

Now for a little fellow in striped overalls,
With an engineer's cap and bandana,
Not knee high to a green grasshopper,
But I sure ain't no second banana.

Look real close and you will see,
A right talented good looking chap,
Playing a tune on his harmonica,
And blues eyes peeking under a cap.

Let's get down to business,
I have a few more songs to play,
And if you still want to hear more,
Look for the little Engineer another day.

Gayle Davis©









Music: "Orange Blossom Special"

Sequenced By: Gary Allen
Courtesy Of Midi Studio
Used With Permission
©1998-2004 MidiStudio.com. All Rights Reserved

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