She found her way, Mama Cat Isabelle,
And rules the roost with so much to tell.
She came from outside peeking through the bushes,
And flowers to survive all the skirmishes.

She never let anyone touch her before,
Until she found one human to adore.
She wasn't sure but she was Oh so thirsty,
So hungry in the world's travesty.

All it took was one pet down her back and tail,
She was hooked on her human never more to bail.
She learned the schedule of her adored girl,
Anticipating her feeding time by a tail swirl.

Sometimes her adored came home really late,
Belle sat in a basement window to wait,
Hoping she would notice her sitting there,
Right in the midst of her needing some care.

Then Winter came and it was so bitterly cold,
Belle put going inside the house on hold.
The unknown is scary and full of mystery,
So she was always huddled up all shivery.

Her human picked her up and started inside,
Belle's eyes were huge and she wanted to hide.
The gentle one sat her on something warm,
And the heat blew out like a big storm.

Belle laid there getting as warm as toast,
She ate a bite and was ready to boast.
Then outside she went to prowl some more,
All she had to do was curl up by the door.

Eventually she became an inside cat,
Since she had been attacked and that was that.
Belle loves to snuggle and sleep on her owner,
She is the special kitty and pretty much the loner.

No more going outside because Belle didn't care,
She had a life of luxury with brushed beautiful hair.
And with four other cats dwelling there as well,
Isabelle took over and became the Mama Belle.

She is the Mama cleaning kitty ears,
And hugging away all of their fears.
Isabelle is so sweet and very meek,
But means business when she reaches her peak.

Usually the Alpha kitty is male,
Not this one as she sits high upon the rail.
She rarely ever speaks with her tiny mew,
Her hiss is bigger warning what she's about to do.

How Belle loves to play and bat her toy mouse,
She runs close to the ground all through the house.
And Catnip by far is her favorite treat,
She rolls in it and it is good to eat.

Belle is getting up there in the many years,
She snoozes all of the time but always hears.
Nothing gets past her that she doesn't see,
Keeping the cats in line and smiling with glee.

Elizabeth E. McPherson
02 August 2008






Music: "Sweet Gentle Dream"

Original by Jalal Ali
Jalal Ali's Music Website
Used With Permission

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