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I need to ask you a few questions
before I enter this big world.
I feel safe where I am
inside your warm womb.
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Will I feel safe once I arrive?
Will you always put me first
Or will I be really surprised
And have my bubble burst?
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Will you always be there for me
When I have colic or am sick?
Or with you, will a man come first
Just because you think you click?
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Will you always show me love
Gentle kindness and respect?
I'm not asking much, I know
Mothers are not perfect.
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I need a Mommy who loves me
One who will cuddle me, sing to me,
Guide me and teach me the
Ways of life so I will be safe.
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I'll need your guidance and
Protection for many years.
Are you up to the challenge?
Mothering is harder than it appears.
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I will need a good education
Just to survive day to day
Will you always be there
Helping me along the way?
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If I become a boisterous teen-ager
Who gets way out of hand
Will you always remember
My life should have been planned.
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I'll need much spiritual guidance
I'll need to know my Heavenly Father
Guide me and teach me first
Before you give me a sister or brother.
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I am not a doll or just a toy
I am for real and have real needs
Please do not conceive me
If you do not agree.
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Delilah M. (Dede) Haas

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Music: "Brahm's Lullaby"

Laura's Midi Heaven
Sequenced By: Mickey Gentle
Used With Permission

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