God's in the ghettos
On the back streets of town
His low still voice
Can be heard all around
His love reaches.

If a box is one's home
And they're feeling all alone
Hunger pangs raging
And all hope is gone
His love reaches.

If drugs are found amusing
And they've tasted Satan's ware
There's strength in Jesus
Don't give up for He still cares
His love reaches.

If one's eyes have been blinded
To a sinful city as Sodom and Gomorrah
God's still on the forgiving hand
In tender mercy He'll be there
His love reaches.

If crime is in one's heart
And hate seems to abound
Jesus can turn their life around
In a prayer away love may be found
His love reaches.

God goes into the bar room
To help those led astray
For those who feel they need a high
To vanish their spirit of dismay
His love reaches.

If only they could taste of Jesus
And feel His secure way
Feel the joy and contentment
They'd have the highest of high day
His love reaches.

Whatever addiction there may be
God's power can set one free
Make their life aglow
And hear their every plea
His love reaches.

If one is a millionaire
And city life is their style
Still their heart feels empty
Jesus knows and is there all the while
His love reaches.

God is full of mercy
He is full of love
He loves His creation
And prepares mansions above
His love reaches.

God is everywhere
Except in a sinner's heart
He would love to be there too
If they'll turn and make a prayerful start
His love reaches.

Danna Robinette©



Photo for top is from: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/

Music: "Tell It To Jesus"
Sequenced By: Fred H.
Courtesy Of Fred
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