Love is a wonderful thing,
It helps you in your time of need,
Picks you up when you are down,
It gives you a priceless feeling.
Love gives you a reason to go on.
It gives you the strength you need to stay alive.

Love at times can be a great strength,
But in other times it might be a weakness.
It's the thing that most people spend,
Their whole life looking for,
Love can make you think about things,
That you would not normally think about.

Although love is great it can fade and wither.
Love is a very complicated thing, you will
Never be able to completely understand what
Exactly it is because it is so many things.
Love can be distracting it can,
Interfere with your life if you let it.

Love is not a simple thing,
But love is why when people are sitting on their,
Death bed it's the thing that keeps them alive.
Without love life would not be whole,
It would feel like something is missing.
Love, when love fades it is a horrible thing.

It hurts more than any other kind of pain,
You will ever experience.
Love is something that's so wonderful people are
Willing to take the chance of opening up and
Getting hurt, because they want to feel it that bad,
Love is a word that can mean so many things.

So no love is simple in any kind of way.
But the basic idea of love....It is unexplainable.
There is not a good way to end this.
Because love is endless and it is too many things,
But this is what I think love is.

Steven Crowe
November 20, 2008


Copyright 2006 - 2007 by Worship With You.

Music: "Above All"

Sequenced By: Bob Sorem
Used With Permission

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