I dream of distant faraway places
Strange surroundings
And mysterious faces.

Things that capture and hold my mind
Events encapsulated
And held in time.

For me to view at my leisure
In my dreams
I have a treasure.

To escape from reality I go to sleep
Just drift away
My visions I'll keep.

They're tucked away safe 'n' sound
Back in my recesses
They can be found.

I take them out from time to time
In an awakened state
I can make them mine.

Why not travel with me my friend
We'll soar together
There is no end.

So many things we can explore
Just take my hand
There's so much more.

Just let your dreams connect with mine
Together forever
We'll be lost in time.

Excuse me now while I drift away
My dreams are calling
I can't stay.

2008 Chee Chee Martin
All Rights Reserved

Artwork: Lilac Dream  is copyrighted and used with permission
Josephine Wall

Color Scroll Bar Script
  Courtesy of:
Dynamic Drive

Water Applet courtesy of:

Music: "Dreams"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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