I'm just a little bit country,
I like those old dirt roads.
I like to hear the wind,
Blowing through the cornfield rows.

It's nice to take a little break,
And sit quietly under a tree,
And feel the clean fresh air
Blowing through the leaves.

It's so good to take a bucket,
And pump cold water from the well,
Or gather good fresh eggs,
And take to market to sell.

I love the Spring and Summer showers,
When they dampen the dusty Earth.
I love the smell of fresh fallen rain,
How it feels and all its worth.

Sometime I like to lie back,
And stare out at the sky,
In a field of dark green grass,
And watch the clouds fly by.

It was a day like that I felt God's touch,
I prayed He'd save my soul,
God lifted me up from miry clay,
That day He made me whole.

Country folk seem to enjoy nature,
Much more than most I know.
In Winter to look out over pastures,
All covered with ice and snow.

A sight not often seen in Cities,
With acres of clean white snow,
And children riding sleds down hill,
As fast as they can go.

There's fresh milk and butter
Like you have never tasted,
Unless you've milked a cow yourself.
And never a drop is wasted.

I think I'll take that break,
That we just talked about,
And sit under that old oak tree,
That stands above the house.

Faye Reyenga 9 / 29 / 2008



Artwork by Barbara Felinski

Music: "What A Wonderful World"

Sequenced By: Bob Barnes
Used With Permission

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