Thereís a lighthouse in a distance view.
That setís on a hill that overlooks the sea.
It shines a light so you might see.

Jesus is my lighthouse,
His light shines for me.
He will safely lead me home.

If it wasn't for my lighthouse,
How lost I would be.
I thank God for my lighthouse!

I owe my life to Him.
For Jesus is my lighthouse.
He set me free, His light shines in me.

If it wasn't for my lighthouse!
Just where would I be?
Lost and alone and could not see,

He shines His light around me.
So I could clearly see,
That in Him I would forever be free,

With an everlasting light shining in me,
Jesus is my lighthouse,
In Him I will forever be!

© Judy Knight

John 12:46
I am come a light into the world,
That whosoever believeth on me
should not abide in darkness




Music: "Jesus Is The Lifeline"

©1975-1995 Jimmy Mac Music Company
Used With Permissioin

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