Jesus come here and see,
What I have picked for You,
It is a pretty flower I found,
I want to give it to You too.

You always make the flowers,
Grow so pretty and smell nice,
This one is so sweet smelling Jesus,
Almost like it's filled with spice.

Can You come down and get it?
Or maybe just reach here below,
I want to give it to You Jesus,
Because I really love You so.

You give us pretty things all the time,
Flowers and trees and birds too,
Does anyone give You pretty things,
I will Jesus, if I can reach You.

I really wish You could come down here,
Just spend some time with me in play,
I would let You be first all the time,
I know it would really be a fun filled day.

Jesus do You get lonesome like me?
When Your friends leave You alone,
Daddy says You forgive us when we stray,
And come before You our sins to atone.

You are a sweet Savior Jesus,
I am glad that You love me,
You are always around helping,
That makes me so happy.

I'll try to reach up to the sky Lord,
And pass the flowers through a cloud,
Maybe if I jump real hard I can make it,
Or call an angel to take it if I yell loud.

I am too little Jesus and can't reach the sky,
I tried but I am too small but I love You,
Sure do wish I could see you down here,
Daddy says You're here and love me too.

I will keep the flowers Jesus,
Just in case You come tonight,
You don't have to wake me up,
Just give me a hug really tight.

I love You my sweet Jesus,
Always my friend You'll be,
When I am sad or afraid,
You'll be here to comfort me.

Gayle Davisİ
26 October 2008







The art is by Frederick Morgan 1856~1927
named 'Out of Reach'~ tubed by Icemaid

Music: "Jesus Loves Me"

Laura's Midi Heaven
Sequenced By: Mickey Gentle
Used With Permission

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