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I sit and gaze at the stars once more
And wonder who, has seen them before
I watch as the animals, settle for the night
And wonder how people, can ignore their plight.

The birds are soaring, way up in the sky
And I wonder how, they can fly that high
A howl from a coyote, pierces the night
And I wonder why, they don't howl at daylight.

An owl starts to hoot, way up in a tree
And I wonder what it is, he does see
We get so wrapped up, in our lives
It makes me wonder, it makes me sigh.

Why can't we let go, of our ugly thoughts
When joy is what, is most often sought
Love each other, should be our concern
I wonder and hope, will we ever learn.

So I quietly sit, and look all around
And wonder at the beauty, I have found
We all need to continue, to learn and try
So we don't sit around, and wonder why.

Chee Chee Martin©


Music: "Absent Friends"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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