Dear friend I prayed for you today,
And I asked the Lord above,
To touch you in a special way,
While showing you His love!

You see, I know the road you're traveling well,
For I walked there before.
I felt the pain
And though the memories remain,
It doesn't hurt any more!

I met the "Man of Galilee,"
Jesus is His name!
And since He saved and set me free,
I've never been the same!

I now walk The Straight and Narrow Way,
That leads to Heaven above!
Jesus is my Friend and Guide!
And I'm sheltered by His love!

Many people travel the broad way,
That leads to hell below.
They've never known one moment of peace
As they travel to and fro.

Old satan is their master,
A cruel one is he.
Oh God, please help them find their way,
To the Man of Galilee.

Robert F. Dotson © 2008


© Sindy's Creations 2002-2007

Music: "Heaven Bound"

Original midi music
©Ralph G. Straight
Writer of Gospel Songs
Used With Permission

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