Hello Jesus, Are You busy,
I would like to talk to You,
To thank You dear Jesus for,
The skies so clear and blue.

There are pretty birds,
Green leaves on the trees,
Flowers on the roadside,
And lots of Honey Bees.

I know You made these things,
And they are special You see,
Everyday I enjoy all of them,
Flowing with Your love so free.

Granny tells me all about You,
And how little children You love,
Watching over us all the time,
From those pretty blue skies above.

Jesus I think the stars are really,
Your night light for kids like me,
And the moon above is a lantern,
Giving light so my fears will flee.

My Daddy reads me the Bible,
He tells me how much You gave,
So I could have a home in Heaven,
'Cause You walked out of the grave.

I pray each night and sing praises,
Daddy loves to hear me sing,
He says my voice ringing out,
Is the most precious of things.

I know my Daddy loves You Jesus,
He knees by the bed and prays,
Giving thanks to You for taking,
Care of us each and every day.

Without You we would not have,
A home, food or even Daddy's car,
Daddy said You are with him always,
And Your love reaches near and far.

At night when I get afraid in the dark,
Daddy says You sit on my shoulder,
Then the fear all goes away Jesus,
'Cause with You I am much bolder.

Well I guess I need to stop talking,
But it was nice talking to you Jesus,
I know others need Your time too,
Jesus, Oh how much I love You!

I will be good and mind my Daddy,
I'll listen to what Granny says do,
When my name is called in Heaven,
I don't want You to have to say Who?

I love You Jesus

Gayle Davis
07 October 2008



The photo of the girl is my beautiful goddaughter, thank you Shy!

Music: "My Jesus, I Love You"

Sequenced By: Bruce Milleman
Used With Permission

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