I heard as if real in that dream
A song a beautiful song of Holy Love
Sung by a choir of heavenly angels
From somewhere on high
That beautiful song coming
From beyond the stars above
So wonderful were those
Voices echoing across the sky

Godís greatest love and those
Angels that sung about His Son so sweet
Godís river of tears as the suffering of
Jesus that flowed that day
When the nails was driven through
Jesus hands and feet
The suffering of God; of Jesus as
His life flowed away

The angels continued their song and
In my dream tears started to flow
Then above the angels song
I heard a booming voice saying to me
Cry not for Jesus, for He is
Godís great Glory; God made it so
Jesus' Resurrection and
Godís Salvation is planned for thee

And the angels beautiful song was still
Echoing through the clouds to me
Telling me that Jesus is always
The truth and Godís Holy Light
A faith in Jesus, Godís Holy Light
Eternal life I will see
Sing this beautiful song;
O angels in my dream this night

This haunting angelís song captured
My thoughts my soul and my mind
So pure and sweet was the symphony of
Heavenly voices coming to me
Each word clinging to my mind and
No escape could I find
From that beautiful angel's
Song of Godís Love in harmony

©Dale L. Neill
August 19, 2008



Music: "Let Me Feel That Gospel Music"

© 1980Jimmy Mac Music Company
Used With Permissioin

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