If I had the wisdom of Solomon,
And the speaking ability of Paul,
And could live as long as Methuselah,
I could never tell it all!

I could never tell how Jesus saved me,
Or even the reason why,
For a poor lost sinner like me,
The Son of God would die!

If I had the voice of a prophet,
Or an orator's golden tongue,
Or had an enormous repertoire,
Of songs that could be sung!

I could only make a feeble attempt,
To possible describe,
God's daily tender mercies,
To each nation, kindred, and tribe!

Mere words would not be sufficient,
The blessed story to tell,
How a wonderful loving God,
Can save one's soul from hell!

How could I describe the never ending,
Never fading love,
Of a God who watches o'er us,
Constantly from above?

I could never adequately tell,
Of His greatness or His amazing grace,
Or how His Blood cleanses from sin,
Without leaving a trace!

I could never depict the agony,
Jesus felt hanging upon the tree,
Or how His precious Blood,
Could set this sinner free!

Though I could speak in many languages,
And understand them well,
And had a thousand tongues with which to speak,
Friend, I could never tell!

Robert F. Dotson 2008







Music: "I Love To Tell The Story"

Used With Permission

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