Daddy's Little Girl

When we have our first child,
It's so wonderful we're just overjoyed,
But when crying never seems to cease
Then we become annoyed.

Our patience grows thin and now by then,
They learn to crawl and Oh so sweet,
They're so cute and busy,
But always under feet.

Will they never learn to stand alone?
Well they will pull up soon,
And before you know it,
They're walking around the room.

Now it's kindergarten time,
And their first day from Mom,
I've cried and cried, cause their out of sight,
Although I try to be calm.

I miss the patter of little feet,
As they track around the house,
When they are off to school,
It's quieter than a mouse.

Now I see them finishing school,
And receiving their diploma,
How did those years go so fast?
It seems but just a moment.

Where can they be, they should be home?
It's getting pretty late.
They're at the prom you know,
They're on their first real date.

They will be finishing college soon,
Another milestone in our lives,
Time for them to plan their future,
And possibly choose a husband or wife.

Then I guess they'll have their children,
And we'll become their grands,
But it will be a joy to hear,
The pitter patter of little feet again.

It will be good to have them come,
For holidays and such,
And warm our golden years,
Since we won't see them much.

They will always be so busy,
Trying to find a way,
To secure the future of the children,
For brighter, happier days.

But that is life and we accept,
Wouldn't have it any other way,
Just so we have some time with them,
Before they leave that day.

Faye Reyenga 10 / 03 / 2008

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Music: "Funny How Time Slips Away"

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