Mommy, Daddy did you know
There are holes in the floor of heaven
From up here I can look down
And sprinkle love down on you

God said! I can watch over you
Let you know youíre not alone
Iím always right here watching
Keeping you safe and warm

I want to let you know
How beautiful the world is here
Grass and flowers so colorful and bright
It makes me giggle with delight

Iím running and playing
Having fun sliding down the rainbow,
Bouncing on the clouds one by one
Oh, this is so much fun

Yesterday I even put out a star
Made specially for everyone I love
Oh look up, it is the brightest one
In all of the whole heavenly sky

Take care of you for me
Look up, Mommy and Daddy
The brightest star in the sky
Is the one always to remind you

There Are Holes In The Floor Of Heaven

I love you always, Jezreel


© Heavenly Angel



Music:  "Holes In The Floor Of Heaven"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Granted

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