There are no words to
describe this deep feeling
that seems to take
my breath away

heart beat balances
on new rhythm as you
hold me close making
body quiver with each
and every exhale

goosebumps linger when
eyes look into yours
and once again
my spirit soars to
a higher dimension
carries me
to another time zone

you consume every thought
of each passing day
bring to surface
the realization
that there is nothing
in this world
I love more than you
and no place I'd
rather be

desire burns inside
like hot embers
causes my heart to melt
until it pants
with thirst
for yet another
brush of your lips

your fingertips
alone can send
shivers down my spine
reaching that special place
of my heart
where sweet love for you

to taste your kiss
awakens appetite
from long winters nap
and new passion
springs forth
like butterflies

soft whispers
serenade my being
until heart flip flops
like a school girl
experiencing love
for the very
first time

let me take
you there darling
to that
special place
where fantasy
comes alive

feel the magic
as we bathe
in each others
until totally spent
with completeness

hold me close now
my love
let us live
in this moment

2008 Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)



Music: "I Believe In You And Me"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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