If I could write a story
Of the most precious baby boy,
What words could I say
That have never been said?

What lines could unfold
Of the most miraculous story ever told?
The story of Jesus' birth,
Told over and over and never grows old.

The tie between our Creator and man,
The salvation on which we stand.
The holy promise,
To live in heaven's land.

A spirit that is forever true,
He's real and is ever renewed.
The spirit that makes life worth living,
For a land that Stephen once viewed.

The greatest gift
That Satan tries to take away,
But none can destroy
That precious Babe that lay on the hay.

He may be denied by the fairies way,
His birthday celebrated by betray,
But in the last day,
Jesus, our King! Will have the last say.

One so precious in mercy and power,
One that has promised to be there
To supply our needs,
And has promised to carry our every care.

A King that can give us heaven as our home.
The greatest light that will ever shine,
That lights the hearts of mankind.
The greatest love a heart can entwine.

The miraculous birth that occurred,
That came down to earth,
The sweetest voice ever heard,
One day, for all to know His worth.

As we give thanks to the real Savior,
Not in a "Holiday Season" way,
Only praise to our King,
Jesus and His birthday.

Happy Birthday JESUS
Thank You for Your precious gift of
~ LIFE ~

©Danna Robinette


Music: "What Child Is This"
Duchess Holiday Site
Courtesy Of The Duchess
Used With Permission

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