I love to write a poem with
Words that always rhyme
Especially when they take
Me down the halls of time

To days of fun and laughter, of
Mom and Dad and home
And folks that stayed around us
And never cared to roam

We laughed and cried together,
Life was so good back then
And some will try to tell me
That I can't go home again

Somehow I know what they tell me
Just simply is not true
I can go back home again
Anytime that I want to

All I have to do is
Look deep inside my heart
And as I sit here in my comfy chair
The memories will start

Everyone and every scene
Flows gently through my soul
The memories that I find in there are
All complete and whole

I hear their gentle voices,
And all of us are there
The love, the precious memories,
All things we had to share

I see my Mother's beauty,
My Dad so strong and dear
They are right here with me,
I feel their presence near

I see them in the morning sun,
The rainbow in the sky
In the gentle beauty of
A lovely butterfly

I see them in the evening,
And in the dark of night
I feel their love surround me
And they hold me oh so tight

And so I say to everyone
You can go home again
Just look deep inside your heart
And you'll be there once again.

Judy Marriott


Music: "Canta Libre"

"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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