Friends are a Godsend! Could we ever declare their worth?
Tell me, Is there a greater blessing here on Earth?
We could never do without 'em!
Their fellowship is beyond compare!
Oh, how much it means to us to know they really care!

Yes, good friends are certainly a priceless treasure!
They are often a source of joy beyond measure!
A true friend will stand by you when others walk away,
For to them it doesn't matter what other folks do or say!

A true friend will join with you when the battle gets hot,
And even defend you to their own hurt, like as not.
A friendship must be cultivated so it will grow!
If we are fond of someone we need to let it show!

For if we want a friend we must be friendly too!
That's the advice God's Word gives to me and you!
When we are sick it is comforting to know a friend is there,
Who will call out our name to Our Heavenly Father in prayer!

Oh, how heartwarming it is to answer the phone,
And hear the voice of an old friend when you're all alone!
It is such a precious time when friends in one accord,
Join together to praise and magnify the Lord!

True friends are hard to come by!
I've only been blessed with a few!
Some have "gone on before" to that Land Beyond the Blue!
But, one day I shall see them and we'll know as we are known,
When from these fleshly prison bars my weary soul has flown!
In Heaven we will be reunited with our dear departed friends,
In a grand and glorious homecoming that never, ever ends!

Robert F. Dotson 2008














Tubes are from Angel Of Oz

Music: "Rejoice My Friend"

Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Copyright By: Jalal Ali
Used With Permission
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