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Image By Dark Blue Knight
In this awful world of sin,
There are trials on every hand.
Dark storm clouds are moving in,
And hovering over our native land!

There is trouble up ahead.
And though men search for elusive peace,
The Bible has plainly said,
Violence will only increase!

There will be wars and rumors of war,
And earthquakes and famines in many a place!
Because men's hearts have wandered afar,
A righteous judgment they will surely face!

In the Bible Jesus foretold,
That in the last days,
The love of many would wax cold,
As they increased their wicked ways!

Sinner's hearts will fail them for fear,
Of the things which then shall be!
Ah, but our Lord's appearing will be near!
He's coming back for you and me!

So, with wonder in our hearts,
We shall lift our longing eyes,
As our Saviour gloriously parts,
With His hands, the Eastern skies!

Christ will give a mighty shout,
On that grand majestic day!
Then from this Earth we'll be called out,
And with Him be caught away!

Robert F. Dotson 2008

Image By Dark Blue Knight