In the beginning,
You were my friend,
Many years have past,
Since way back then.

A little boy moved,
Into the house next door,
Easing the loneliness
Felt nevermore.

Obedient always,
Even in troubled times,
I thank the Lord for,
This always friend of mine.

A smile greets the day,
Humming a happy song,
That is what I'll remember,
As life speeds along.

Hopping fences, jumping rope,
Climbing up a tree,
Where ever you were,
That is where I'd be.

Chasing chickens,
Running just to run,
Playing tag till dark,
We had a lot of fun.

Chewing cane,
Whittling soft pine,
Vowing alliance,
Till the end of time.

Years pass as we age,
Memories treasured,
Families again meet,
Friendships measured.

Young boy and girl,
Just about the same size,
Of a prior boy and girl,
Develop a friendship's prize.

Listening in as they talk,
Warms hearts, yours and mine,
Vows of friendship spoken,
Until the ending of all time.

Preparing to depart,
Hearts will always be
Bound of friendship,
Alliance reigns true.

Chasing chickens,
Running just to run,
Boy and girl in play,
We pray for years of fun.

Gayle Davis©




Photo © Silver

Music: "A Whole New World"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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