Make God Your Great Priority
Keep Him At Number One
Get Under His Authority
And Glorify His Son

Place All Your Trust In Him Today
And Always Seek His Face
For When You Take The Time To Pray
He Sends Amazing Grace

No Matter What Your Test May Be
Your God Is Always There
He Offers Life Abundantly
And Burdens He Will Bear

It Matters Not Where You Have Been
Or What You Might Have Done
For Jesus Died For All Your Sin
The Battle Has Been Won

So Choose Right Now To Take A Stand
And Let Your Voice Be Heard
Reach Out And Take God By The Hand
And Boldly Share His Word

Invite Your Family And Your Friends
To Do What May Seem Odd
To Gain A Life That Never Ends
They Must Put Faith In God

Thereís Never Been A Better Time
To Know Godís Will And Plan
For Stocks and Bonds Are In Decline
The Fat Has Hit The Fan

Menís Hearts Are Failing Them For Fear
As Chaos Rules The Day
And Yet God Makes It Very Clear
There Is A Better Way

For Jesus Came To Change It All
By Dying On A Tree
And Now He Lives And Gives The Call
Repent And Follow Me

And When You Do, The Lot Is Cast
Your Eyes Are Opened Wide
You Trust The Things That Truly Last
When Faith And Doubt Collide !!!

© Jim Lake

James 3:26
Just as the body is dead without
breath, so also Faith is dead without works.