I would spend my Summers visiting my Grandma they were my happiest days
She would sit with me by the hours and read from this old Book
This Book was the family Bible and it told of GOD'S many creative ways
Grandma was very old, often in an instant her whole body shook

There was a special bond, a kindness and a wonderful love she had for me
Grandma's smile and her laughter was always a delightful sound
We would talk of her flowers, taking my hand all her flowers I would see
Grandma's flowers were beautiful and every color could be found
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Grandma was never mean or gruff and always a smile and a twinkling eye
She is my thoughtful Grandma, in my heart will always be there
This horrible day I will remember when dark clouds were covering the sky
She was holding and reading to me sitting in her old rocking chair

She was reading the Book of Ruth, then she shook hard then she went still
She died that day reading the Family Bible and holding on to me
Grandma's body was buried out back in the family plot on cemetery hill
Now I read and hold my grand daughter, I hope Grandma can see

ęDale L. Neill
May 4, 2004

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Music: "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music

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