One in a multitude,
Alone in a sea of pain,
Why am I here Lord,
How can I sustain?

Every fiber of this lonely being,
Has become helplessly broken,
Like a battered ship in a storm,
Is my presence a mere token?

Is survival worth reaching for,
Will the goal at the end be fair,
How can I see better days ahead,
Each day is riddled with despair.

I am lost Lord, utterly without bearing,
Wandering through life aimlessly,
Eyes downcast not wanting to see,
The afflictions that wait endlessly.

Am I still in Your care Jesus,
Are You aware of my situation,
Have I grown beyond help Lord,
Is there small hope of a solution?

I am weary dear Creator,
Fight once brave has gone,
I seek comfort and peace Lord,
Is it there in a Heavenly home?

My will has been shattered,
There is no urgency, no reason,
To continue along this troubled path,
I pray an end to this vexed season.

Forgive me blessed Jesus,
As doubts crowd my mind,
I am tired and worn Savior,
I long for peace I can't find.

Lift me up above the waters,
That swirl in turbulence 'round me,
Wash my soul of doubt and fear,
Lord I pray for strength to imbue.

Hold me close to Your heart Jesus,
Give me solace in these trying times,
Forgive me for my failings in life,
Fill my soul with peace e'er Divine.

ęGayle Davis
31 August 2008


























Music: "Beauty for Ashes"

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