Wrapped so tightly in loneliness,
Lost without you forever more,
Dreams dashed in a flash of time,
Hope's reach stopped at the door.

Walking along arm in arm,
We had all that one could dream,
Yet life is cruel in its turns,
Brings forth traumatic screams.

I am without will to continue,
Along this trail of so called life,
Smooth sailing is found rarely,
Frequent events emit strife.

I'm consumed with deep desolation,
Heartaches rule each waking day,
Sleep is not a blessed comfort,
But filled with dreams gone array.

My love, Oh my love return to me,
Why is life so uncaring and cruel,
How does one face another tomorrow,
Without a single ray of hope to fuel?

I look around into the barren vastness,
Like a heart ever broken and rent,
No sign of life stirs around me,
My future ruined all dreams spent.

Is there a chance I will again live,
Find cause for life's aspiration,
Am I destined to forever mourn,
Amid this dark world of desolation?

Gayle Davisİ
08 August 2008





Music: "Where Does My Heart Beat Now?"

Sequenced By Denis Roy
Used With Permission

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